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What is Google Guaranteed?

  • by Leadsy LTD
  • November 16, 2021
  • 6 min read
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Google is always looking to improve how it supports businesses and lead generation. Businesses are also on the constant lookout for new Google features they can use to help promote their business. When it comes to search engine results, well-placed ads can make all the difference, which is why many businesses opt for this.

Google Guaranteed is just one of those ways the search engine supports businesses in appearing credible and worthwhile.

Google Guaranteed: What You Need to Know

So what is Google Guaranteed? This is a feature that businesses can incorporate to appear certified with a ‘Google Guarantee’ badge on their brand name during online searches. It’s a certification program there to help customers feel more confident in the brands they choose to do business with, and seeing the Guarantee badge is one way to help them feel more assured.

The guarantee that comes with this badge is that consumers can also be protected if something goes wrong, with those businesses that have the Google Guarantee badge and have been screened by the search engine.

How Does it Work?

You can apply for Google Guaranteed by signing your business up first for Local Services Ads, and then applying for the Guarantee program. Google will then need to check your business license, online reputation, reviews, and insurance. You’ll also undergo background checks, namely:

  • For the owner
  • For the business employees
  • Other backgrounds specific to your business

If you successfully gain the certification, a green badge or logo will be placed next to your ad online, and consumers will be able to feel more confident knowing you’ve been successfully screened in the above way.

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What if a Customer Has a Problem with the Service?

Problems can still arise in business, and if a customer is unhappy with the service they’ve received, they can submit an official claim to Google if you are a Guaranteed business. Google then has the power to refund their payment amount and also investigate what has happened.

You’ll always have the opportunity to solve the problem with your customer and regain a positive relationship, but if this doesn’t work, Google will then be in charge of the final resolution.

Is Google Guaranteed Worth It?

As with any new sales or marketing effort, whether it is worth it for you depends on your business type, needs, budget, and time. It would depend on you measuring the time and cost it would take to gain the Google Guarantee badge and whether it’s something that would build confidence with your specific target market.

It also depends on your competition. Google Guaranteed may be worth it in the long run if your industry is highly saturated, seeing your brand up against a high amount of tough competition. If through Google Guarantee, you can get your brand showing off a badge and be highlighted online,then this will allow you to stand out against competitors.

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If you have any questions about promoting sales through Google, don’t hesitate to contact the Leadsy team.

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